Do you know that designing your house, office, shop and the warehouse etc with the guidance of 16 directions Vastu can bring the positive influence of cosmos to benefit you in the plenty of ways. Furthermore the another good thing is that at Astrosevatalk you can get the ideal Vastu design for your house, office or the business shop etc in just few minutes. We have the finest and the highly experienced Vastu experts at our portal to guide and provide the client's with the highly suitable and the auspicious Vastu designs.

Vastu Shastra is known as the the ancient Indian science of architecture and design, is a practice that has been in existence for thousands of years. It has the belief system that the the layout and orientation of a space can significantly impact the well-being and success of the people living or working within it.

At Astrosevatalk our Vastu experts take the Vastu consultations to the next level by incorporating the concept of 16 directions. This approach delves deeper into the nuances of directional energies and aims to bring about balance and prosperity in the lives of individuals. So, In this section we will explore the significance of 16 directions Vastu at Astrosevatalk and how it can be a transformative force in your living or working space.

A Brief Introduction to Vastu Shastra at Astrosevatalk

Vastu Shastra is also known as Vastu Vidya and it is an ancient Indian system that lays down principles and guidelines for creating harmonious living spaces. It is based on the belief that the environment and the energies surrounding us have a profound impact on our lives, influencing everything from health and relationships to wealth and overall well-being.

Vastu Shastra takes into account the five elements of nature – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space – and their alignment within a structure. The placement of rooms, doors, windows, and even furniture is meticulously planned to maximize the flow of positive energies and minimize the impact of negative forces. In traditional Vastu, there are eight cardinal directions, each with its own significance and energy.

Unlock The Power of 16 Directions Vastu at Astrosevatalk

In the traditional practice of Vastu, the emphasis is often on the eight cardinal directions: North, South, East, West, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, and Northwest. However, at Astrosevatalk, the approach is more comprehensive, incorporating 16 directions Vastu. This expanded perspective considers not only the cardinal directions but also the sub-directions. Here below are all the 16 directions that are given due diligence in the Vastu Shastra.


Saturn is considered the most negative planet when poorly placed in the birth chart. It is known as the planet of problems as it negatively affects a person. If Saturn is placed negatively in the birth chart, it can cause major money problems, including debt and loss of revenue sources.

3. Rahu, the Planet of Shadow

Rahu is a neutral planet, and its impact depends on its placement in the birth chart. If Rahu is placed in a positive house, it will provide positive results. However, if Rahu is in a negative house, it can create money problems. An astrologer can provide remedies to mitigate the negative impact of Rahu.

Astrological Remedies For Money Problems

In Astrology there is the solution for all the issues in life including the money problems in the life of natives. While there are the cosmic influence that could create the money problems, similarly there are the cosmic solutions as well which could resolve the money problems aspects

Astrology offers remedies for money problems. Here are some standard astrological solutions that can help individuals find ideal solutions for their financial issues:

1. Worshipping the Sun

The Sun is a powerful source of positive energy that can eliminate negative aspects from one's life. Worshipping the Sun in the early morning and offering water to it is a solution for all problems, including financial constraints.One can chant the famous mantra of Lord Shiva, "Om Namah Shivaya," while offering water and worshipping the Lord Sun.

2. Worshipping Lord Kuber

As the name suggests, Kuber is the God of wealth in Vedic or Hinduism belief, and it holds immense significance. This is why worshipping Lord Kuber is highly advisable in day-to-day life for financial stability. Where there is the blessing of Lord Kuber, adversity always stays away from life. You can do the simple pooja, which means worship, of Lord Kuber, and it doesn't take anything special to please Lord Kuber for life.

3. Worshipping Lord Hanuman

Those who are dealing with and struggling with heavy debts in life must worship Lord Hanuman. He is the Supreme being who can help the native in seeking self-dependency and pride in life. All it takes is to recite the Hanuman Chalisa in day-to-day life to seek the blessings of Lord Hanuman and end all your financial and other problems in life. One should potentially refrain from a non-vegetarian diet while worshipping Lord Hanuman, especially on Tuesday.

These are some of the general yet powerful remedies for money problems in life on both the short and long-term basis. We further recommend our natives to visit Astrosevatalk and chat with our finest astrologers to seek specific solutions for their money or financial problems in their lives. Chatting with the astrologers at Astrosevatalk is absolutely easy, and one can seek a 100% working solution for money and other problems by chatting with the astrologers.

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