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Panchang is the astrological daily calendar based on the Indian calendar. Daily panchang is one of the most sought Vedic astrology concepts, which conceptualise the day's planetary position to determine auspicious tithis, timing, festivals, vrats, etc. Using this information, a person can choose whether or not to begin or accomplish a particular task after carefully studying the favourability or unfavorability of the planets ruling the particular task. It is a belief among people that doing a thing or two as per Today's panchang timings brings good luck and helps in the accomplishment of the tasks with ease.

At AstrosevaTalk, a Panchang calendar is produced by a team of the best astrologers of India. The Daily Panchang details the various astrological elements of the day and based on the same, the level of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness is decided. Right from Today's sunrise time to today's sunset time, Panchang helps you find all of it as per your convenience. Majorly, Panchang is used to get detail of five aspects. These five aspects are - day of the week (vaar); tithi or the lunar day; nakshatra or the constellation; yoga; and karan. With the change in time and date, all of these compartments that make the panchang also change. And thus it’s necessary to keep oneself updated about them for various reasons.

Today’s Panchang

February 22, Thursday | New Delhi, DL, India



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What is Panchang exactly used for? 

To be very honest, all your life, panchang has been helping you in some way or the other, but you simply were not aware of it. If you are married, then happens, the muhurat of your marriage was the result of a pandit looking into the panchang to scoop out the most suitable date for you to tie the knot. The suitable time depends on the position of planets ruling marriage or love, the tithi, the nakshatra that compliments marriage and much more. Also, are you pregnant? Well, when the baby would be born, it is the panchang that would help you find out what nakshatra s/he is born in. The nakshatra of a child defines his qualities and also helps a parent understand him better. Apart from this, panchang also comes in handy in finding the shubh muhurat to start a business, for bhoomi pujan and so much more.  The purpose of finding Today's panchang, that our astrologers explain, is to use the Hindu calendar at its best and live while being aware of the natural forces that rule or run the world. Though not compulsory, but abiding by these pious timings has its own set of benefits. When you do something during the shubh kaal period, it allows you the blessing of planets and the Gods owing to their favourable position.  At AstroTalk, today’s panchang is prepared by the best astrologers after a detailed study. The astrologers can also help you in understanding what aspects means what so the next time, you don't have to rely on us to understand what is panchang and how it works.  Now that you might have understood the significance of panchang, let’s look in detail at the 5 aspects of panchang and what it means and how you can use panchang for your good.   


Vaar in the Panchang calendar and in the Vedic culture refers to the days that constitute the whole week. The vaar here are referred to the days and there are 7 vaars that comprise the week. The vaar proceeds in the sequence of Ravi Vaar, Som Vaar, Mangal Vaar, and so on till the Shani Vaar. These vaar are used as the Sunday, Monday till Saturday in the modern-day English or the Gregorian calendar. In the Panchang Hindu calendar, all the days are denoted in the framing of vaars.


Tithi is the lunar day in the Panchang and is based on the phases of the moon. Tithi represents one of the thirty divisions in the lunar month and there can be many tithis in the month. It is an angle between the sun and the moon and it is precisely the 12 degrees angle that makes one tithi. Tithi is immensely significant in the Panchang calendar since it is used to find the auspicious and the inauspicious days. The auspicious days are the ones that are chosen for the various kinds of occasions or ceremonies in the Hindu culture such as the marriage, inauguration, and other events. Tithis can proceed in the sequence of Chaturthi,panchmi, sashimi, Saptami, asthmi, Navami, Dashmi, Ekadashi, Chaturdashi, and the Amvasya at last.


Nakshatra is a very popular term used in Vedic astrology and also can be easily found in the Panchang. Nakshatra in the Vedic astrology is basically used to refer to the Lunar mansion or the constellation. The term has been derived from the Naksha where Naksha means the map and the tara means star. It can thus be interpreted as the map of stars in the cosmos and there are 27 Nakshatras that take place at various times. When a person is born he/she is said to be born under the specific Nakshatra and accordingly, the zodiac sign for the person is determined. Moreover, in the Hindu culture, the Nakshatra timing can also be chosen for the happening of various auspicious events and ceremonies. 


The Yog in the Panchang is the aspect of the component that is used to define the dates. A Yog date comes with the specific position of the sun and the moon and is also calculated on the basis of separation degrees between the sun and the moon. There are a total of 27 yogs and each of these yogs comes with its own specific name. In the Vedic culture it is believed that each and every Yog comes with its own energy and vibration. It is more like each Yog has its own unique qualities and on the basis of the same the auspicious yog is chosen for any important event or ceremony. With the help of the Panchang calendar, it becomes way easier to find the most auspicious Yogs to choose as the date of significant events.


Karan is another fundamental unit of time in the Panchang which is used to describe the date. Karan is considered to be the half of the tithi in the context of its value. There are 30 tithis in the lunar month and thus with a simple calculation, there can be 60 Karan in the same lunar month. The significance of the Karna is just like the tithi or the Nakshatras in its core aspects. In the Vedic culture, the karna is used in conjunction with the tithi and Nakshatras to find the auspicious date and time of the month for a specific event or occasion. The panchang calendar can show all the Karan dates and timing in one place so the users to choose the ideal Karna date.

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