Numerology is the branch of astrology that deals with the numbers to get the insight of the native's life. It is also known as the science of numbers that are used to predict the future of a person. Numerology has a wide following practice not just in India but all around the world. It has been the potential source of getting into the depth of a person's' inner self and providing insight into every area of an native's life. This is what makes numerology a significant alternative oftoedic astrology across the world.

Numerology is the simple yet complex science of numbers that only the numerologist can understand and make future predictions for the native. At Astrosevatalk we provide the highly proficient numerologist who has extensive experience in the domain of numerology. Consulting with these numerologist natives can get the most accurate life prediction and find the solution for the various problems in their lives.

Glimpse of Numerology

Numerology is all about using the numbers that are associated with the life of natives and making future predictions for the life of nativess. The whole concept of Numerology is based upon interpreting the birth chart numbers of the natives. Using these numbers a numerogist can get into the entire life map of the native and provide accurate insight. Numerology can help in the numerous aspects of a native's life from understanding the personality of the native to making lifelong predictions. This is what makes Numerology a a sta raightforward yet complex scenario to interpret the science of numbers. As per the numerology numbers are associated with all the areas of our life and hold the whole secret of our destiny. A numerologist just needs the birth details of the native such as the date of birth and the timings of birth etc. Using these simple details the numerologist can answer all the questions related to the life of the native.

How Does Numerology Work?

Understanding the working concept of Numerology is although simple yet it may seem highly complex to understand the science of numbers. When a child is born the child gets born at the particular date and the timings. Both the date and the timings represent the particular set of numbers and these numbers hold the secret for the entire life of the native. In numerol,ogy, the sequence of numbers from 1 to 9 is used to interpret the secret of the life of the natives. Numerologist generally uses these numbers by adding the specific numbers from the birth of the native and then making the whole prediction for the life. The one surprising thing about the numerology is that it is closely associated with the Vedic astrology. The numbers from 1 to 9 in the numerology represent the planets in specific and those planets reveal the secrets of native life. This is how numerology closely relates itself with numerology in several aspects.

We can understand the workings of the Numerology numbers with a hypothetical example. For instance, suppose an individual is born on 25-11-95 and we need to simplify this date of birth by using the concept of Numerology. This can be simplified by using the following concept of addition.

Date- 2+5=7

Month- 1+1=2

Year- 1+9+9+8= 27 which further becomes 2+7=9

This is how the science of numbers works by simplifying them in such a manner and then the numerogist interprets the secret behind these numbers. Furthermore the alphabets are also interpreted similarly to the A=1, B=2, C=3 and this sequence goes on with a similar pattern.

Vedic Astrology Vs Numerology

Well, Vedic astrology and the Numerotwo are very fferent aspects of astrology yet they are quite similar to each other. Vedic astrology is all about the secret of the celestial bodies and how an astrologer interprets these celestial bodies. Numerology on the other hand uses numbers and these numbers also ultimately represent the specific planets or celestial bodies. In other words, both astrology and Numerology has similar root in making predictions for the life of a nave just by using different methodology or medium. Vedic astrology is widely followed and popular in India and the subcontinent regions at a wide scale. On the other hand, numerology is more popular in the Western world and across the European and American regions.

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