Presenting the Panchang or the Indian Hindu calendar at Astrosevatalk to get daily updates on all the Hindu religious calendar events. Panchang is the closest and identical calendar to Vedic astrology. This calendar brings the systematic schedule of all the Hindu events such as the Hindu festivals, auspicious tithis, timings, varts, lunar eclipse, monthly Ekadashi date, and timings, etc.

The calendar is thus highly recommended for every Hindu religious individual who doesn't want to miss out on any Hindu religious event ahead. At Astrosevatalk we are committed to serving our visitors with the most updated and accurate day-to-day Panchang calendar. One can visit the Astrosevatalk to get the daily Panchang updates on a day-to-day basis in one single place.

Panchang Calendar with its Origin

The panchang calendar holds its roots in the Vedic calendar from the ancient Indian era and has been in use since then. It is a different kind of calendar from the modern-day Gregorian calendar in all aspects. Panchang is the Hindu calendar which is solely dedicated to Hindu religious events. This calendar works in the integration of Vedic astrology since it defines the dates of all Hindu religious events in accordance with the celestial bodies in the cosmos.

Panchang Hindu calendar also involves and is based upon astronomical phenomena and spherical geometry. The calendar thus shows the planetary position of the sun, Moon, Mars, and all other planets in the tabular form. Referring to the Panchang calendar one can check out the planetary position on all these planets on the day to day basis throughout the year.

What Can I Check in the Panchang Calendar?

Panchang being the Hindu calendar can show all the Hindu religious events in day-to-day life. These events can be festivals or other significant religious days and the calendar can also notify the dates of phenomena going to take place in the cosmos. For instance, the panchang calendar can notify the dates of the Lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, amavsya, nakshatra, and other events. Here below we are listing down some of the significant events that the Panchang can list out.

● Tithis

Tithi is the lunar day in the Panchang and is based on the phases of the moon. Tithi represents one of the thirty divisions in the lunar month and there can be many tithis in the month. It is an angle between the sun and the moon and it is precisely the 12 degrees angle that makes one tithi. Tithi is immensely significant in the Panchang calendar since it is used to find the auspicious and the inauspicious days. The auspicious days are the ones that are chosen for the various kinds of occasions or ceremonies in the Hindu culture such as the marriage, inauguration, and other events. Tithis can proceed in the sequence of Chaturthi,panchmi, sashimi, Saptami, asthmi, Navami, Dashmi, Ekadashi, Chaturdashi, and the Amvasya at last.

● Nakshatra

Nakshatra is a very popular term used in Vedic astrology and also can be easily found in the Panchang. Nakshatra in the Vedic astrology is basically used to refer to the Lunar mansion or the constellation. The term has been derived from the Naksha where Naksha means the map and the tara means star. It can thus be interpreted as the map of stars in the cosmos and there are 27 Nakshatras that take place at various times. When a person is born he/she is said to be born under the specific Nakshatra and accordingly, the zodiac sign for the person is determined. Moreover, in the Hindu culture, the Nakshatra timing can also be chosen for the happening of various auspicious events and ceremonies.

● Yoga

The Yoga in the Panchang is the aspect of the component that is used to define the dates. A Yoga date comes with the specific position of the sun and the moon and is also calculated on the basis of separation degrees between the sun and the moon. There are a total of 27 yogas and each of these yogas comes with its own specific name. In the Vedic culture it is believed that each and every Yoga comes with its own energy and vibration. It is more like each Yoga has its own unique qualities and on the basis of the same the auspicious yoga is chosen for any important event or ceremony. With the help of the Panchang calendar, it becomes way easier to find the most auspicious Yogas to choose as the date of significant events.

● Karan

Karan is another fundamental unit of time in the Panchang which is used to describe the date. Karan is considered to be the half of the tithi in the context of its value. There are 30 tithis in the lunar month and thus with a simple calculation, there can be 60 Karan in the same lunar month. The significance of the Karna is just like the tithi or the Nakshatras in its core aspects. In the Vedic culture, the karna is used in conjunction with the tithi and Nakshatras to find the auspicious date and time of the month for a specific event or occasion. The panchang calendar can show all the Karan dates and timing in one place so the users to choose the ideal Karna date.

● Vaar

Vaar in the Panchang calendar and in the Vedic culture refers to the days that constitute the whole week. The vaar here are referred to the days and there are 7 vaars that comprise the week. The vaar proceeds in the sequence of Ravi Vaar, Som Vaar, Mangal Vaar, and so on till the Shani Vaar. These vaar are used as the Sunday, Monday till Saturday in the modern-day English or the Gregorian calendar. In the Panchang Hindu calendar, all the days are denoted in the framing of vaars.

● Rahu Kaal

Rahu Kaal is a very popular term for the period both in the Vedic astrology and also in the Panchang. This period of Rahu takes place every day at specific times which change each day. Rahu Kaal is known to be the highly inauspicious period in the Vedic and Hindu cultures. During the period of Rahu, no significant venture or any other kind of crucial event or ceremony takes place. It is believed that any crucial event that takes place in the Rahu kaal ends up being an utter failure or a curse. In the Panchang Hindu calendar one can check out the day-to-day Rahu kaal period update smoothly. Users can accordingly figure out the best and auspicious period of the day for their ventures and the other events or ceremonies executions.

● Varjyam

Varjyam in simple language can be defined as the inauspicious period of the day just like the Rahu kaal. However, the Varjyam is considered to be inauspicious due to the bad position of the planets at that particular moment. During the period of Varjyam, it is said to not commence any crucial activity or do any kind of crucial task, event ceremonies, etc. The period of Varjyam takes place each day at a different time from the previous day. Users can check the Panchang Hindu calendar to know the accurate timing of the Varjyam period on a day-to-day basis.

● Durmurtham

Durmurtham can also be understood as the inauspicious period of the day just like the Varjyam. It is highly restricted in the Hindu culture to get into any important activity during the period of Durmurtham. This period is also known as the deficient time period of the day and it is believed that any action or venture initiated in this period never reaches its destination. This is why it is not advisable to execute any of the crucial tasks in this period. You can check out the daily Durmurtham period by referring to our Panchang Hindu calendar in day-to-day life.

The Significant Tithis in Panchang with Their Significance

As we have already discussed there are approximately 30 Tithis that take place in one given month in the Panchang calendar. All of these Tithis are crucial however some of them hold immense significance. Below we are mentioning some of the most popular and significant Tithis of the Panchang Hindu calendar.

● Chaturthi

Chaturthi is one of the most prominent days or the tithi of the lunar month which takes place on the 4th day of the lunar month. In other words, it is the 4th tithi of the month and has its fixed day of occurrence. This day is dedicated to the Lord Ganpati and is one of the most auspicious days/tithi of the lunar month. On this day one can begin a new venture or get into any kind of significant new activity/action of life. It is believed that any task undertaken on this day surely succeeds to its most successful completion.

● Panchmi

As the name might suggest the Panchmi is the fifth day or the tithi of the month in the Panchang calendar. This tithi or the fifth day of the lunar month is dedicated to the Naga(Snake) and is useful for various purposes. Those who are into the pharmaceutical or the medicines profession can consider this day highly auspicious. It is ideal for the manufacturer or the discovery of such medicine that purges poison and is also useful in the surgery etc.

● Sashimi

This is the sixth lunar day of the month or the tithi and is associated with the lord Karthikeya. The day is again considered highly auspicious for many activities in the personal or professional space. One can make new friends or colleagues on this day, begin a new venture meet old friends, etc. for fun and enjoyment times.

● Saptami

It is the 7th day of the lunar month and is associated with the Lord Surya in its significance. On this day one can take on a new journey in life to the different directions and goals achievement in life. The day is also ideal for dealing with movable stuff just like buying vehicles etc.

● Asthami

Asthmi is the day of Goddess Durga and is associated with the fierce armed war. On this day one can weaponize self for self-protection. Countries can buy new weapons to strengthen the armed forces for the sake of enhancing the self-protection of the country from the outside forces etc.

● Navami

Navami is another day that is devoted to the Goddess Ambika and is ideal for taking on enemies. On this day countries can take up arms to destroy the wrongdoings in society or at the country level. The day is the symbol of violence and it can take place in the course of self-defense as well.

● Dashmi

This is the day devoted to the Dharma raj means justice and good cause within the family, society, and country. On this day one can expect the verdict in the court cases and go on for the happening of religious activities for the sake of peace and kindness.

● Ekadashi

Ekadashi is the auspicious day to please the Rudras through various activities such as fasting or getting into the religious and devotional stuff. It is the ideal day for the remembrance of the Supreme lord for everything around us. One can do worship in several forms along with fasting to please the Supreme beings.

● Chaturdashi

Chaturdashi is the day of Goddess Kaali Mata or popularly known as the Kaali devi who is considered the most fierce. This day is devoted to the stuff of regulating the poison and calling off the elements such as spirit etc. The day is also involved with the deep black magic practices in its other dimension.

● Amavsya

Amavsya is the prominent event that happens each month when Purnima is ruled by the moon. This day is dedicated to the Pirtua devas' remembrance by the way of worshipping them. It is the ideal day to please the Pitru deva to get their blessings and free yourself from all types of Pitra doshas. The day is highly prominent even in Vedic astrology and all its beliefs and principles. There are various other practices that take place on this day and also the day before or on the night of Amavsya. In the Panchang calendar, one can check out the precise day of Amavsya in a smooth manner.

Why Panchang Calendar?

The panchang calendar is immensely significant for all those who want to follow all the events of Hindu culture. This is truly the dedicated calendar on the Hinduism roots and rituals and following them in day-to-day life. The calendar contains and brings all the Hindu religious events in one place with their precise and accurate dates and timings. At Astrosevatalk we are committed to helping our visitors by providing an up-to-date schedule of all Hindu religious events. With the same vision, we have drafted this Panchang calendar which is updated on a day-to-day basis. You can visit Astrosevatalk in order to check out all the day-to-day auspicious timing on the various Tithis in this Panchang calendar. Feel free to share this calendar with your friends family and relatives to help them in following all the religious events of Hinduism culture in the most comprehensive manner.

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