Do you know that the moles on your body parts can reveal a lot about your overall personality? the moles in fact have their own astrology. Yes in the Samudrika Shastra there is the dedicated concept of the mole astrology. in the Mole astrology it's believed that the moles on the body of person reveal about the overall personality, aura and the other aspects of the individual. Mole astrology is although not very popular yet it's widely used and believed across the India and the world.

Mole astrology is also popular with its terminology of the moleosophy and it basically studies the placement and the characteristic of the moles on the body of the native. Under the mole astrology it is believed that the moles on the body of the person represents the overall position of the planets in the birthchart of person. The shape, size and even the area of the mole can make the revelation about the personality traits and the other aspects of native's life. At Astrosevatalk one can get the accurate insight on the mole astrology fro the expert astrologers by simply chatting with them.

How Does Mole Astrology Work?

Mole astrology is basically all about studying and interpreting the moles placement on the body of the individual. It takes into consideration that the moles on the body represents the planetary position for the native. It also reckons the shape, size and the position of the mole since all of these aspects of mole reveal the different aspects of native's personality. Here below is the brief information on how the mole astrology works with its parameters of concern.

● Location of the Mole

The first thing that matters in the mole astrology is the position of the mole as its the key ground. For the same reason Interpretations are often based on the location of the mole on the body. Different body parts are associated with specific meanings. For example, a mole on the forehead might be seen as representing intelligence or leadership, while a mole on the cheek might be associated with the charm and the attractive aura of the person. This is why it becomes crucial here for the astrologer to assess the specific location of the mole before making any kind of revelation or the prediction.

● The Color & Size of Mole

We know that moles are often formed in the different size and even the colors such as the black, brown, and even colorless. This is why the size and color of the mole are considered in interpretation. There is the general perception that the large size of the moles are more significant in their impact whether it's positive or negative. The dark mole on the body of the native suggests that the person is embedded with the strong personality. Similarly the other colors of mole reveal the different things about the natives.

● The Shape of Mole

The other crucial aspect about the moles physical aspect is its shape since moles do exits in the different shapes. Here it'sbelieved that the moles in their round shapes are considered to be highly lucky over the others. On the other hand the moles with their irregular shapes are considered to be highly inauspicious. So this is how the different shapes of the mole can indicate the different things about the overall personality of the individual.

● The Pattern of Moles

Moles exist in the different patterns like sometimes there is the single pattern and others there are more than one moles or even in the cluster. This is what makes the specific pattern of the moles and its play the key role in the mole astrology. Different patterns reveal the different things about the native and this is why arrangement and alignment of moles can also be taken into account by the mole astrology expert.

Significance of Moles on the Different Parts of Body

As we know that the moles can appear at the different parts of the body and thus it becomes crucial to understand their revelation. Here below we are providing the brief details on what the moles indicate with their specific position at the different parts of the body.

● The Forehead Mole

Mole on the forehead can actually reveal a lot of things for the native since it's one of the most commonly found mole place. This position of the mole reveals the average luck for the native with the poor or the weak bonding with the family and the relatives. The natives with this mole are often found residing away from their home and will thus get very least support from the relatives and family etc.

● Mole on Top of Head

This position of mole is considered to be highly lucky for the native as it brings the fortune and the fame for them. It also blesses the native with the good luck and the top charisma. The one special thing about this mole is that it is hard to notice on head due to the presence of hair. If you have this mole then you can definitely consider yourself to be highly lucky.

● Mole on the Cheek

Having the mole on the cheek reveals other powerful strength for the natives. It is considered that this type of natives are born with the bold personality. They have the high ambitions and the strong willpower to achieve them. Also these natives often remain indulged within themselves and their goals. For the same reason they oftendon't go out well with the others and tend to live alone.

● Mole Between the Eyebrows

Having the mole between the eyebrows is considered to be immensely lucky for the natives. It is for the reason that this type of mole brings the career advancement, growth and the promotion for the natives. This mole works as the lucky charm for the native and make things favorable for the native in all the aspects of life.

● Mole on the Chin

Having the mole on the Chin makes the native kind and affectionate towards the others including the animals. The native is often very caring and emphatic in nature with the acts and the overall behavior. These people often go well with the others around and develop a very good Bonding with them.

● Mole on the Nose

Mole on any part or the angle of the nose indicates that the person is although impulsive but very witty. The impulsiveness makes the native short tempered and full of ego which may cut off such natives from the others. On the other side the pure witty of these natives also take them on the higher side of the life including their career or the positon.

● Mole on the Lips

Having the mole on either of the lips indicate that the native in sentimental and also has the great taste for the food. Since these natives are selfless thus they always put others over themselves to lift in the life. This is what makes these native as the pure family oriented individuals who can keep the entire family along.

So this is how the mole astrology work and it can play the significant role to predict many things for the native in their lives. We urge all the readers to visit Astrosevatalk and chat with the mole astrology experts to figure out the hidden secret behind the moles on their body. Mole astrology can reflect the least known things about the self to any native.

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