Do you often wonder why you arent getting the fable results despite having the healthy placement of the planets in your birth chart? Well, there can be the probability of the kaal sarp dosha in your birth chart which is the cause of several types of misfortunes. Kaal Sarp dosha is one of the least known yet highly inauspicious dosha in one's birth chart. Often it happens that most of us are not even aware of the presence of this dosha in our birth chart.

At Astrosevatalk we have the systematic assessment of the kaal sarp dosha by analyzing the birthchart of the native. The astrologers at Astrosevatalk also offer the 100% solution or the nivaran of kaal sarp dosha by using simple home remedies. So if you doubt that you could be affected by the Kaal sarp dosha then feel free to visit Astrosevatalk today and overcome this dosha before it becomes too late.

What Is Kal Sarp Dosha?

As the name suggests the Kaal sarp dosha is concerned with the ill or the bad influence of the snake in terms of bad luck or misfortune. Kaal means the time or period, sarp means the snake and the dosha means the fault. Thus the Kaal sarp dosha implies the bad deeds or the karma of the native in the previous birth. Often it happens that the person has committed the wrong deeds in the previous birth which haunt the person in the current birth. Kaal sarp dosha is concerned with the Rahu and Ketu as both of these planets have their bad influence in the Kundali of the native. In the kaal sarp dosha the placement of the Rahu and Ketu is such that they are jammed with the other planets. This placement of the rahu and Rahu causeRahucause of the birtcabecausemain empty without the other planets. If all the planets in the birth chart are moving towards the Rahu then it becomes the Kaal sarp dosha. On the other hand, if the planets are moving towards the ketu then it becomes the kaal sarp yoga.

Impact & Influence of Kaal Sarp Dosha

Kaal sarp dosha affects any individual in several forms and all of them are very unfortunate. It is one such dosha in Vedic astrology which affects the person from all dimensions at the same time. It can bring misfortune in terms of poor health, bad luck, unhappiness in the relationship, and affect the peace of mind and all other aspects of life. What is even worse is its period as the kaal sarp dosha can affect the person for 40 long years and in some cases even for their whole life. This is the core reason why Kaal sarp dosha should never be taken on a lighter note. There are remedies for this dosha which can help the native overcome or even eliminate this dosha from the birth chart.

Chat with Astrologers and get the Kaal Sarp Dosha Remedies

It is further advisable to get the specific birth chart analysis done by the Astrologers at the Astrosevatalk to get the personalized kaal sarp dosha remedy. It is simply for the reason that often each needs different Remedies for this kaal sarp dosha as there are 12 types of doshas. Having a personal consultation with the astrologers at the Astrosevatalk will provide a more specific solution or remedy for this dosha. Feel free to chat with astrologers today and free yourself from the ill-fated impact and the influence of this kaal sarp dosha instantly. Remember this kaal sarp dosha can hurt and haunt the person till ages if it remains untreated by the astrological suitable remedies.

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