In Vedic Astrology, the place of Mantras is Supreme to carry out and execute all kinds of tasks. Mantras in the simple language are those sacred sounds, phrases or words that have Spiritual Significance. Chanting the mantras is essential for the execution of several acts in the Vedic culture such as worship, weddings, last rites and other cultural ceremonies. The whole motive of mantras in Vedic astrology is to enhance the positive influence of the celestial bodies or the cosmos. It is believed that all these acts done with the chant of mantras make the acts successful in the most auspicious manner.

In the c astrology, there are the popular mantras for 9 planets which are also called and known as the Navgarha mantras. All these 9 mantras represent the 9 planets and are chanted to have a positive influence on all the 9 planets. Each of these planets and the mantras have their significance and can bring a suitable influence. This is why it becomes crucial to have the right knowledge of all these mantras and chant them at the right time and on specific occasions.

The Background of Mantras in Vedic Astrology

As we know Astrology is thousands of years old practice in ancient Indian culture. The major root of the astrology has been derived from the Vedas and mantras have also been derived from the Vedas itself. Mantras go well along with astrology as the means of astrological remedies and the other process of several ceremonies. Mantras can't be separated or bifurcated from the Vedicrology as they both complement each other. Astrology is based on the celestial bodies and in a similar manner mantras are also concerned with the 9 planets.

Chanting of the mantras has been said to be the most potential means of worshipping or pleasing God. This is the reason why Mantras are always chanted whether it's the happening of any auspicious act such as marriage or even unfortunate events such as death. Vedic culture is profoundly rich and each event in the culture can simply be associated with the chanting of mantras. One can even chant the Navgarha mantras while doing the small stuff in the day to day life.

Mantras can be chanted by anyone however it is necessary to have the right knowledge of mantras to chant or pronounce them correctly. There are the mantras which come in the form of syllabus and the hymns which are to be pronounced by the native. When the native pronounces these mantras it links the inner self of the native with the universal energy and brings cosmic or Spiritual Benefits.

Benefits of Mantras Reciting

Mantras in Vedic astrology are believed to be incredibly powerful for their sheer influence in all aspects of life. This is why mantras are deeply associated with every event in our lives. One can chant the mantras to get relief or the solutions for the various problems in life. Mantras have the power to not only bring cosmic benefits but also can shape the inner self of the native. With the reciting of Mantras, one can get the mental peace and stability to do the right things in life in the most proficient manner. Mantras have tons of benefits in the physical, mental and Spiritual aspects for anyone who chants the ideal mantras in specific situations of life.

There are over 10,000 mantras in the Rigveda Samhita and all of these mantras are suitable for different occasions. The rishis, astrologers pundits etc have been using the mantras for thousands of years in the Vedic culture. Here below are some of the specific benefits of reciting the mantras.

● Reciting the mantras in day-to-day life keeps a positive aura around the natives in the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of life.

● Mantras are considered highly auspicious in the course of executing any kind of crucial tasks in life and living the to-day life.

● Mantras also work as a powerful tool for eliminating negative energy from the house and keeping the environment healthy.

● Chanting the right Mantras can also help in the weak planetary placement and can turn the negative results into positive ones.

● Natives can worship and please God with the chanting of mantras and attract love, health, money and other aspects of life.

● Meditating with the mantras can also help in improving mental and physical health and helps in syncing with spirituality.

These are some of the major benefits of chanting the mantras and there are tons of other benefits too of reciting the mantras. We urge our visitors to chat with the astrologers at Astrosevatalk to find the right mantras to solve the various problems in life. With the consistent chant of mantras, one can attract money, health, mental stability, peace and love etc in life.

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