Pitra dosha is often termed as the curse from forefathers and often we begin to have hatred even to our ancestors. However, in reality, the Pitra dosha is never a curse from the forefathers rather it'sthe karmic debt towards the forefathers or the ancestors. Pitra dosha is one of the well-renowned malefic planetary combinations in the birth chart of the native. A native with the Pitra dosha in the birth chart is indebted to certain deeds either of the ancestors or of his/her own towards the ancestors. This is the debt that has to be paid by the native having the pirtra dosha in the birth chart. At Astrosevatalk we give due weightage to the pitra dosha causes and its remedies. We are committed to sorting out all types of raying-ray dosha from the birth chart of the natives with the help of our proficient astrologers.

What is Pitra Dosha?

A pitta dosha is the ill karmic dosha present in the birth chart of the native. This dosha represents the certain debts coming from the ancestors to the next generation. Simply put the Pitra dosha can arise either for the wrong deeds done by the forefathers to the others or the wrong deeds done by the next generation towards the forefathers. In both of these scenarios, the native can be born having the pitta dosha in the birth chart. It is extremely important to pay off the karmic debts either of the ancestor's or the native'sown to get over the pitta dosha.

Signs/Impact of Pitra Dosha

The presence of pitta dosha will certainly show its influence on the life of the native in several forms. The impact of the pitta dosha is imminent to show up until it's sorted out by the appropriate remedies suggested by the astrologers. Here below are some certain signs that could signify the presence of Pitra dosha in one's birth chart.

● The hardship in conceiving of the couples.

● Frequent miscarriage in the pregnancy.

● Poor health of the child or frequent sickness

● The recurrence of the girl The constant occurrence of issues within the family especially with the children.

● Hardship in the proper education of the children

● Birth of physically handicapped kids

These are some of the Pitra dosha in the birth chart of the native. They are the apparent signs and often the Pitra dosha can affect the individual in some other aspects as well.

The Causes Behind the Pitra Dosha?

Pitra dosha is entirely based upon one's karma and there is a famous saying that goes byat you see you reap. Simply put if you or your ancestors have done something wrong then it has be to repaid. The consequences of the pitta dosha are grim and go on till one's lifetime as long as they aren't repaid by the remedies or by simply bearing their perpetual fruits. Below are some of the most probable causes of the pitta dosha that should be kept in consideration.

● Stealing someone's property/possession or anything thatdoesn't belong to you and it may have been done by the ancestors as well.

The caused trouble or suffering to others including the animals and may have been done by the forefathers.

● The commitment of the sins by you or by your forefathers which will certainly get added into one's karma.

● Accumulation of wealth by the wrong means such as violence, killing, betrayal and other means.

These are some of the possible reasons behind the Pitra dosha which are concerned with both the natives and the ancestors. It is crucial to get the appropriate remedies for the Pitra dosha from the proficient astrologers at Astrosevatalk to overcome the impact of all these doshas.

General Remedies of Pitra Dosha

In Vedic astrology, the pitra dosha has been said to be a highly inauspicious dosha for the native. It is highly recommended to overcome this dosha by the suggested Remedies to get away from the ill effects of this dosha. Here below are some of the potential Remedies of the pitra dosha for all the natives.

● Feeding the Brahman and donating money to the needy can greatly overcome the pitta dosha.

● Red clothing should also be donated to the Brahman or the beggars etc. to overcome this dosha.

● Tripindi shradh and the Pitra visarjan pooja should also be conducted by the natives as the remedy of Pitra dosha solution.

● If pitra dosha is concerned due to the unhappiness of pitra then shradh should be carefully practiced each year.

● Offering water to Lord Shiva and the Banyan tree regularly can also help the natives get away from the Pitra dosha.

All these are the general recommended remedies of Pitra dosha and sometimes they alone may not work for the native. This is the reason why consulting with a proficient astrologer at Astrosevatalk is ideal for knowing the specific causes of the Pitra dosha. The astrologers at the Astrosevatalk can cific Pitra dosha remedies to solve the Pitra dosha from the very root cause.

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