Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse


Solar eclipse is one of the most talked about and followed phenomena that happens quite frequently in the cosmos. In Vedic astrology, the phenomena of Solar eclipse hold significance for many reasons. This is the reason why the Solar eclipse has been closely observed in the Hinduism culture for ages now. At Astrosevatalk we strive to bring our visitors the most accurate and precise information on the solar eclipse at one single place.

We provide the solar eclipse date, timings, significance, and all the associated facts well in advance at the Astrosevatalk portal. The objective here is to assist the visitors in remaining updated with the happening of the Solar eclipse so as to plan for the phenomena accordingly in the religious faith aspects.

What is the Solar Eclipse?

In simple language, a Solar eclipse is the phenomenon where the moon moves between the sun and the earth covering the light of the sun on a temporary basis. The moon works as the obscuration to hide thesun's light from the exposure of the earth which causes a temporary dark aura over the surface of the earth. The intensity of the solar eclipse decides how dark it gets over the earth depending upon to what extent the moon cover the soon. Also, the duration of the solar eclipse differs each time and can be either of few seconds or minutes.

Solar eclipses can be categorized as partial, total, and annual eclipses. This phenomenon doesn't have any fixed timing of occurrence and can take place at any random moment. However, Astronomy science can predict the dates and timing of solar eclipses well in advance since it's the mere rotation of the moon sun, and earth.

Significance of Solar Eclipse in Vedic Astrology ( Surya Grahan)

A solar eclipse is observed from a different perspective in the Vedic astrology and the Hindu traditional culture than the general scientific perspective. For the ages, a Solar eclipse is considered to be a highly inauspicious omen in Vedic astrology with its implications for our lives. It is believed that the Solar eclipse is caused by the evil shadows of the Rahu and Ketu planets. These planets tend to take revenge on both the moon and the sun and thus bring them together in such a position where they outshine each other.

The impact of the same is borne by the earth as well since the earth gets deprived of both the sun and the moonlight. The same evil shadow of the Rahu and Ketu causes a highly bad omen to the earth as well. This is the core perception and the belief of ancient Vedic astrology of solar eclipse and is widely believed across the Hindu culture.

Precautions in the Solar Eclipse

As we have mentioned above as per the Vedic astrology in Hindu culture the period of Solar eclipse is said to be bringing a bad omen. In fact, the whole phenomenon of solar eclipse is not advisable to be seen with the bare eyes. It is simply for the reason that there is technically no sun and the moonlight at that point of time and the darker shadow can hurt the eyesight. Secondly in the Vedic culture belief, it's advisable that one should not commence or do any significant task in the period of Solar eclipse and should rather take a break until the eclipse ends.

Furthermore cooking and food consumption is also not advisable during this period. The whole reasoning behind such a precaution is that since there is no presence of the sun and the moon anything done during this period can't reach or bring the ideal or the auspicious outcome. All of the new ventures and significant activities should be done when there is the presence of either the sun or the moonlight so as to bring positive outcomes.

Sutak Kaal Guidelines in Solar Eclipse

Sutak Kaal is a very popular term in the Vedic Hindu culture associated with the Solar eclipse. Sutak Kaal is basically referred to as the inauspicious period of Solar eclipse ( Surya Grahan) while the eclipse is on. This period is the highly critical period in the solar eclipse that should be spent in a very careful manner in order to avoid all the evil or negative impacts of the solar eclipse. Here below we are listing down some guidelines for the Sutak Kaal that should be kept in consideration.

Don't get into the commencement of any new venture or activity in this period, taking a break from the existing activities is advisable.

● There should not be any cooking done in this period to avoid the evil shadow of solar eclipse within the food which is highly harmful.

● It is advisable to put the basil leaves in the food already cooked and the leaves shouldn't be touched until the eclipse lapses.

● Personal grooming is highly prohibited in this period such as shaving, dressing up, etc.

● Do not start any travel adventure during this period and staying home is the best advice

Impact of Solar Eclipse on Zodiac Signs

If we get into the astrological significance and the implication of Solar eclipse then we can encounter the unique impact of this phenomenon over each Zodiac sign. While some of these impacts are standard in nature and never change, the others may change depending upon the year and timings of the Solar eclipse. Here below we are listing down some of the standard impacts of Solar eclipse on each and every zodiac sign.

● Solar Eclipse on Aries

The solar eclipse can cause financial turmoil for the Aries natives in various forms in their personal and professional space. They can incur some personal loss such as the deprivation of wealth inheritance, and losing personal valuable items at home. In the professional space losses in business or in investment can also take place. Aries natives should strictly avoid getting into any kind of financial transaction during this period.

● Solar Eclipse on Taurus

Taurus may feel suddenly down and low in their own morale and confidence and can turn into extreme overthinkers. This period of a solar eclipse can bring a great amount of confusion and self-doubts to the Taurus. Things may turn into extreme stress and depression very quickly over any aspect of life. The best advice for them is to not think or analyze any critical aspect of life in this period and just relax.

● Solar Eclipse on Gemini

The Gemini native should avoid visiting any gathering-based event on the solar eclipse day and should stay home. There are high chances of any possible conspiracy against the Gemini native which can cause significant loss of life.

● Solar Eclipse on Cancer

The solar eclipse can prove to be favorable for the cancer natives in various aspects of life. These natives can witness the sudden flow of wealth from their ancestors as an inheritance. Also if there are marital dispute cases such as divorce trials, they will also get resolved quickly.

● Solar Eclipse on Leo

Leo is another favorable sign for the Solar eclipse in certain financial aspects. The Leo native with their existing business ventures is likely to get a significant amount of profit. However, it is not advisable to commence any new business or make an investment in the period of eclipse.

● Solar Eclipse on Virgo.

Solar eclipse brings the neutral time for the Virgo which is neither positive nor negative. It is rather the testing period for the Virgo natives and they get what they seed for. It is thus advisable for the Virgo native to remain diligent and honest with their work so as to reap any positive benefits.

● Solar Eclipse on Libra

Solar eclipse for the Libra native is generally not favorable in terms of their health and family aspects. There can be sudden family disputes and the health can also be in turmoil. The best advice is to take care of your words and remain in harmony with the close family.

● Solar Eclipse on Scorpio

This solar eclipse can bring several challenges in the job or the business professions. The business may face losses and there can be disputes with the bosses at the workplace. It is thus advisable to remain cautious and do the self-introspection in order to mend your behavior during this period.

● Solar Eclipse on Sagittarius

This solar eclipse will be favorable for the Sagittarius natives in several aspects of life. They will be able to win over their enemies and also win the pending cases in the court. Life will become at significant ease in the various aspects during the solar eclipse.

● Solar Eclipse on the Capricorn

The solar eclipse is neutral for the Capricorn, however, it can be challenging for their kids in several aspects. The health of the kids at home can get on the brink and may cause medical expenditure. Also, the Capricorn natives are advised to remain away from gambling and all such other activities.

● Solar Eclipse on Aquarius

This is not the ideal solar eclipse for Aquarius natives as it brings the probable loss in their investments and business professions etc. The loss can be significant if one gets into a business transaction during the period of eclipse. It is advisable to not get into any kind of trade or career advancement step during this period.

● Solar Eclipse on Pisces

Pisces natives will be favored by the Solar eclipse in the various forms of gains in their personal and professional space. The natives will witness the significant gains from the past investments along with the promotions at their workplace. Also, these natives will conquer all their enemies and rivals in their personal and professional spaces.

General Health Guidelines During Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse is a significant phenomenon and is considered highly cautious in Vedic astrology. The eclipse in general brings the bad omens for the majority of the natives in the various aspects of life. Health is one of the significant aspects of life that may also be affected by the Solar eclipse. Here below are some Health guidelines for all that should be carefully followed to remain healthy during the eclipse.

● The phenomena of the solar eclipse will affect both the physical and the mental aspects of life. It is highly probable to feel lazy, sick, and tired during the whole solar eclipse period. It is advisable to take a break and not take any significant decisions of life during the phase of solar eclipse.

● Pregnant ladies are highly advised not to expose themselves to the rays of the solar eclipse. It is found and believed that the direct exposure of the eclipse rays can adversely affect the pregnancy in a cruel manner. It can possibly affect the health of the child and can also affect the chances of normal delivery.

● The solar eclipse shouldn't be seen with the naked eye as it can cause potential damage to the eyesight. It is simply for the reason that during the solar eclipse, there is no availability of both the solar and the sunlight. Telescope is recommended to witness the solar eclipse for the enthusiasts and others can simply avoid the exposure.

● Eating food or any other kind of consumption is also prohibited during the solar eclipse. It is believed that any kind of consumption during this period will only cause health issues. It is even found that body gets the digestive and other issues after heavy meal consumption during the solar eclipse. It is also scientifically proven that there is no sunlight to help the body in the digestive process.

Special Guidelines for the Pregnant Women for Solar Eclipse

It is widely and rightly believed that Solar eclipse is not ideal for any pregnant woman in any of the aspects. It can impose a potential threat on all pregnant women if they don't take special care of themselves during this period. Solar eclipse is simply not favorable and ideal for pregnant women considering all the facts. Solar eclipse comes with negative rays that can potentially threaten the nurturing lights inside the womb of the woman. It can result in the extreme consequences of miscarriage or the child getting extreme health threats. Keeping the same thing in our consideration we are here below putting some significant health guidelines for all pregnant women to remain on the safer side.

● The women simply should not expose themselves to the solar eclipse in any form.

● Moving out is prohibited during the solar eclipse even if the area is not directly under the open exposure.

● Eating the food or any other kind of consumption is also prohibited during the solar eclipse.

● It is advisable to not take a bath during the solar eclipse and also after the eclipse has passed on the same day.

● Women should also stay away from all kinds of metal objects during the solar eclipse as they are very harmful.

● It is best if women can also avoid taking a nap during the solar eclipse and can rest while staying awake.

Chat with Astrologers on Astrosevatalk for More Insight on the Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse is considered a bad omen universally for all however yet these phenomena can bring a specific threat to some zodiac natives. This is why it becomes highly recommended to get the specific guidelines for the solar eclipse. It is only possible by getting the astrology services from the prominent Astrologers. We at Astrosevatalk have special Astrologers at our portal to get comprehensive Insight into the solar eclipse by getting the birth chart analysis. This analysis will help the Astrologers make a 100% accurate prediction of solar eclipse impact upon the natives. This prediction can be life-changing for the natives in many aspects and also in saving themselves from the bad omen. So feel free to chat with astrologers at Astrosevatalk today and make the most of this Solar eclipse.

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