Gemstones have been widely used in Vedic astrology for their influence over all the zodiac signs in different forms. People who believe in astrology give special emphasis to gemstones to get various types of benefits from these gemstones. In astrology, gemstones have special significance as they are believed to bring special benefits to the wearer. Each zodiac sign has its luck gemstone which unlocks and attracts the cosmic benefits to that zodiac sign. If you are also looking forward to making the most of the gemstones then you can get the full insight on all the gemstones at Astrosevatalk. You can find out your luck gemstones by consulting with the astrologers at Astrosevatalk from the comfort of your home. Wearing your lucky gemstone will bring enormous benefits for you in the various aspects of life including health, career, job, business and so on.

What's My Lucky Gemstones?

Well, the lucky gemstone for your zodiac sign depends upon your birth sign and the other birth details. Every zodiac sign has its ideal gemstone and suitable benefits. For the same reason, it becomes crucial for the native to consult with an Astrologer to get the best results giving gemstones. Here below we are listing down the lucky gemstones for all the zodiac signs for the understanding of all the natives.

1. Aries Lucky Gemstone

Aries is the first zodiac sign and this gemstone finds its perfect vibe with the Bloodstone gemstone. It is a vibrant and gorgeous green colour-looking gemstone that comes with plenty of benefits. This gemstone renders courage, vitality, strength and passion to the Aries native. Also, this gemstone works as a powerful shield to protect the wearer from all types of negative energies. All these aspects make the Bloodstone a highly favourable gemstone for all the Aries natives.

2. Taurus Lucy Gemstone

Taurus is although the exotic bull sign yet its actual properties are aligned with the earthly sign. Emerald is the gemstone that fits well with the Taurus gemstone and brings plenty of benefits to the wearer. Emerald is the lush green gemstone which represents the uplifting and rejuvenating vibes of the Taurus natives. The emerald is a highly lucky gemstone for the Taurus as it brings both prosperity and inner harmony to these natives. Moreover, since the Taurus is highly exotic and an unstable zodiac sign the emerald brings much-needed stability to the natives.

3. Gemini Lucky Gemstone

Gemini is an air sign and it goes well with the Agate gemstone in all aspects of life. Agate is a gorgeous-looking gemstone which comes in a variety of patterns and colours. This gemstone is best known for promoting intellect, communication and sense-balancing properties. Agate is the lucky-to-go gemstone for the Gemini natives in all aspects of their lives.

4. Cancer Lucky Gemstone

Cancer is the water gemstone and it makes its profound connection with the Moonstone gemstone. Moonstone is a highly powerful gemstone for cancer as it has immense emotional depth and intuition enhancement properties. The gemstone also nurtures empathy, intelligence and the emotional health of the cancer natives profoundly.

5. Leo Lucky Gemstone

Leo is the fire sign and it's perfectly complemented by the gemstone Oynx in all aspects. Oynx is a gorgeous-looking black gemstone that symbolizes power, strength, confidence and an aura of protection. Wearing this gemstone will bring sheer Charisma and leadership qualities to the natives. It is also highly helpful in enhancing the consciousness and the inner strength of the native profoundly.

6. Virgo Lucky Gemstone

Virgo is another earthly sign which finds its sheer compatibility with the gemstone blue sapphire. The blue sapphire gemstone is known to be the quickest-reacting gemstone with its impact. This gemstone represents wisdom, diligence and sheer belief in karma making the person diligent. Blue sapphire is also known to bring an immense amount of focus to those who feel diverted from the path of life.

7. Libra Lucky Gemstone

Libra is another air sign zodiac which goes well with the peridot gemstone in all aspects. This gemstone is green hue in its composition and appears to be wonderful to look at. Wearing this gemstone by the Libra brings harmony, peace and positive energy to all aspects of life. The gemstone is highly beneficial in attracting the point of equilibrium and attaining the utmost sense of peace. One can also wear a peridot to fix the relationship with the elders in the family and maintain love and fairness all the way around.

8. Scorpio Lucky Gemstone

Topaz is the ideal gemstone for all the natives born under the scorpion sign which represents the earthly characteristics. Topaz is a highly powerful gemstone which plays its part in transforming the life of the wearer in a 360 manner. It also helps the native enhance the charismatic and intense personality of the Scorpio. Topaz is the personality-revealing gemstone for the Scorpio as it works by awakening the inner strength of the native and boosting personal growth.

9. Sagittarius Lucky Gemstone

The radiant turquoise is the lucky gemstone for all the natives born under the Sagittarius Birth sign. Sagittarius is the fire sign and the turquoise gemstone makes the sign full of wisdom, adventure and optimism. This gemstone truly uplifts the natives in all aspects of life and helps in see the bigger picture. Turquoise can also be the powerful guiding gemstone for the Sagittarius and help in both the spiritual and the materialistic journey of life.

10. Capricorn Lucky Gemstone

Capricorn is the earthly sign and it thrives with the Garnet gemstone in the most ideal manner. Garnet is the deep red colour gemstone symbolising the strength and determination along with the grounding ability of the Capricorn. Wearing this gemstone will bring several benefits to these natives and make them highly ambitious to achieve all the milestones of life. Garnet is truly the gemstone of success for the Capricorn and they must wear it to explore themselves deeply.

11. Aquarius Lucky Gemstone

Aquarius is the air sign and it is compatible with the amethyst gemstone while bringing plenty of benefits. Amethyst is a purple regal gemstone which has several benefits in terms of spirituality, clarity, and intuition. The gemstone also encourages the visionary character and makes the person innovative. Wearing this gemstone one becomes having the inner self clarity most joyfully.

12. Pisces Lucky Gemstone

Pisces is the last birth sign in our list and it is the water sign with its enchanting aquamarine gemstone. This is a gorgeous-looking sea gemstone which brings several benefits to the wearer. This gemstone represents the utmost sense of serenity, intuition and emotional healing benefits. Wearing Aquamarine balances all these traits for the wearer in the perfect manner. Pisces are generally very compassionate and passionate, so wearing the aquamarine gemstone further enhances the similar traits in their personality.


Gemstones are highly auspicious for those who believe in their capabilities from the astrological point of view. The Potential and the benefits of the gemstone solely rely upon the suitability of the stone with the native. If a gemstone gets the ideal compatibility with the birth sign then it can do wonders in the life of the native. We moreover urge all our readers to consult a proficient astrologer at Astrosevatalk to find the lucky gemstone for themselves. We have a 24/7 open chat with astrologer services to assist our visitors in serving them with the best possible astrology services.

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