Astrology has been a vast domain having its applications in all areas of our lives including the education sector. In fact in the present time, Astrology has become the pathfinder for most in terms of their educational pursuit. If you have kids who are just getting started with their education then you can certainly have logical insight into their education prospects. It is often seen that most parents worry too much about about about concerned with their children's education. Of course, every parent wants the best possible and the right path of education for their kids. This is where astrology can come forward with its dedicated role to guide parents in finding the right path of education for their kids from a very early age.

Astrology in Child Education

As we know Astrology is based upon the movement of the celestial bodies and the movement of the same determines or influences the events in our lives. Similarly, when a kid is born he/she gets a dedicated birth chart with the birth details. This includes the details like the Nakshatra, the Zodiac sign and the position of all the planets at the time of birth. All these aspects create the full lifespan birth chart of the kid and by using the same an astrologer can predict all the areas of a kid's life including the education domain. Using the birth details of the native an astrologer can predict the destined educational path for the native. Walking upon the same path the native can achieve all the success in life by making the most of astrological insight.

How Does Astrology Work for Child Education?

Well, Astrology considers the birthchart details of natives to interpret the educational prospects of the native. Using tentative cementl planets in the specifies an astrologer can precisely make that prediction. Here below we are listing down some of the key houses that are associated with child education.

Importance of 2nd House

The second house is the significant house in the astrology that requires careful analysis by the astrologer. This house is also called the Kutumb bhava house and is directly associated with the native's education. As the name suggests the Kutumb house represents education or learning from the family side. Simply put it shows that part of the child's education that has been imparted by the family of the child or the native. It can be moral values, ethics and all types of other values or learning. The house also shows the overall atmosphere that the native may have received at the house. The second house is prominent, especially for those who haven't received any formal education in life. For such natives, only education or learning from the family side can determine their educational excellence. This is the reason why astrologers put a key emphasis on the 2nd house in terms of education.

Importance of 4th House in Child Education

The 4th house is also known as the Bandhu Bhava or the Sukh Bhawa house and is another prominent house in terms of educational prospects. This house is associated with the schooling education of the native which is the second phase of education after the family education. An astrologer can carefully analyze the 4th house and on the basis of the same, they can interpret the further educational path for the native. For instance, an astrologer can predict the ideal further education or the ideal job path etc.

Importance of 5th House in Child Education

Well, the fifth house is the most significant in terms of educational prospects. It is for this reason that education which is reflected in the 5th house becomes the means of livelihood for the natives. This is the reason why every astrologer takes special cognizance of the 5th house while making educational predictions for the native. For instance if there is the placement of Mercury in the 5th house then it means the native will be full of wisdom and self-possessed skills. Similarly, the placement of others significantly education and profession of the child.

Chat with Astrologers for Your Child's Education Prediction

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