Astrology is entirely based upon the movement of the celestial bodies such as the stars and the planets. These celestial bodies take place in the birth chart of the native with their specific place. However, the celestial bodies keep on changing their place from one position to the other. This same shift of position is what is known as the transition of the planets and this transition holds the bigger place in the astrology. An astrologer considers the transition of the planets and by the same, the astrology prediction is made.

Celestial bodies are the heart of astrology and Among the fundamental components of astrology, planetary transits hold a significant place. These transits represent the ongoing dance of planets in our solar system as they move through the zodiac, creating a dynamic interplay of energies that influence our lives. For the same reason, it becomes important to understand the transit of the planets to understand the whole mechanisms of astrology. At Astrosevatalk we are committed to providing the most accurate and precise astrology prediction. In this section today we are going to take a jump into the significance of the planetary transit.

Basics of the Planetary Transit

Planetary transit is the backbone fundamental of astrology where each planet or the celestial body makes its move around the sun. In the same chronology, this movement or the transit of the planet happens from one house or the zodiac sign of astrology to the other. The planetary transit can be caused by any of the zodiac signs at the time. For instance, Jupiter, Saturn and even the Rahu and Ketu can cause the planetary transit. The transit caused by the specific planet brings specific and variable consequences to each of the zodiac signs in astrology. The other thing of consideration here is that every planet moves with a variable or a different speed. For instance, Saturn is known as the slowest-moving planet and thus it stays in a particular zodiac sign for the longest period.

Significance of Planetary Transit

Planetary transit is the key clockwork of the Cosmo or the universe and in astrology, it holds all the essence. It is the planetary transit which sets the course of all the planets and then these planets influence all types of events in the life of natives. In other words, it is the planetary transit that brings the whole evolution or the transformation of things in the life of natives. It is crucial to note here that planetary transit can bring both positive and negative results to the lives of natives. The ultimate consequences of the planetary transit vary from one zodiac sign to the other depending upon the position of the celestial bodies in these signs.

When the transit of the planet occurs it activates the flow and the happening of certain things in the life of natives. The transit can be so powerful that it can even influence the overall personality of the native. It can determine how the native thinks and feels and the overall belief system of the native. For instance, the transit of Jupiter, known as the planet of expansion and abundance, through an individual's natal seventh house of partnerships can signal a period of growth and luck in relationships. On the other hand transit of Saturn, associated with discipline and responsibility, through the first house can prompt personal transformations and a sense of duty to one's self.

Planetary Transit Calendar at Astrosevatalk

The planatary transit being the core mechanism or the clockwork of astrology needs to be followed carefully. For the same purpose, Astrosevatalk has come up with this revolutionary planetary transit calendar for all the natives and even the astrologers.Astrosevatalk's transit calendar is a personalized guide that maps out the anticipated movements of planets in the solar system as they interact with an individual's natal birth chart. It serves as a roadmap for understanding when and how planetary energies will influence different aspects of one's life. By using this calendar one can simply track and mark the transit of all the planets in the astrology. This calendar shows the systematic transit of all the planets in a particular year. For instance, one can check out the transit of all the planets in the ongoing year 2023.

PlanetTransit Duration
Sun30 Days Window
Mars45 Days Window
Mercury21 Days Window
Jupiter12.5 Months Window
Venus26 Days Window
Saturn2.5 Years Window
Rahu/Ketu19 Months Window
Moon2.25 Days Window

So feel free to get in touch with Astrosevatalk to mark the movement for the transition of all the planets. At Astrosevatalk we keep the secret of the cosmos simple and easy to understand for all the natives. One can also chat with astrologers at Astrosevatalk'sportal to get personalized results of the planetary transit in life.

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