Mangal dosha is one of the most discussed and widely popular dosha in Vedic astrology that we often get to hear. As the name suggests this dosha is concerned with the malefic placement of the moon. The ultimate impact of the Mangal dosha is concerned with the marriage and the other relationship/partnership perspective of the person. Those who have the Mangal dosha present in their birth chart are known as the mangalik in the traditional mainstream in the country.

The Mangal dosha can impose a number of hurdles in the marriage perspective of the person. This is the reason why Mangal dosha is one of the most talked about and discussed topics among all the traditional Hindu families. At Astrosevatalk we are committed to serving all our visitors with the potential remedy to curb or eliminate the mangal dosha from the native's life.

A Brief Understanding of Mangal Dosha

Mangal dosha is the unfavourable placement of Mars in one's birth chart within specific houses. This particular placement of the mars is what creates the Mangal dosha and is believed to bring the numbers of the negative impact. Mangal dosha is considered to be highly inauspicious in the marriage prospects. If the placement of the mars falls into the lagna chart then there is the direct presence of mangal dosha in the marriage prospects. A person with the Mangal dosha in the lagna chart is supposed to marry only the person who also has the magal dosha present in the lagna chart. However, some several remedies or solutions can help curb and eliminate mangal dosha depending upon its severity. One can chat with our astrologers at the Astrosevatalk to get 100% working remedies for the mangal dosha.

Why Does Mangal Dosha Happen?

Well, the mangal dosha being the highly inauspicious dosha has its core foundation. In the Vedicrology and the u mythology the planet Marsis becomes to the natives when it falls in the 1st, 4th, 7th and 8th or 12th house of the native. It is the influence of the mars in all these houses that makes it prominently inauspicious in certain aspects of marriage. It is essential that for the mangal dosha to happen the placement of Mars in all these houses must be at the time of the native's birth. The subsequent movement of the mars in these houses doesn't count as the Mangal dosha. The native who are born with the mangal dosha has the other certain characteristics in their personality. They are generally very aggressive and vindictive in their whole personality lacking politeness. These natives are also very dominating and lack politeness in their behaviour while dealing with others. All these aspects make the mangal dosha the most feared one and it stands truly apart from all the other dosha in Vedic astrology.

Impact/Influence of Mangal Dosha

Mangal dosha is one such dosha which is mostly known to affect the native marriage prospects. However, this dosha can affect the various other aspects of life depending upon the placement of Mars in a certain house. For the same reason, it becomes crucial for an astrologer to assess the bibibirthrchart ofnaofnatinitiatives and pret the specific Influence or the impact of mangal dosha. There is no doubt that in India Mangal dosha is highly feared in the marriage prospects since it poses significant threats and challenges in the marriage. Below are some other impacts of mangal dosha on thelivese of natives.

● If the mars is present in the 2nd house of native then it will most probably create issues within the family of native.

● The 4th house placement on Mars will impose challenges and difficulties relating to the aspects of the house, vehicles and other properties.

● 7th house placement of Mars is directly associated with the severe challenges in the martial life including the death of a partner.

● The 8th house placement of Mars indicates the happening of some fatal accidents of natives.

● The 10th house placement indicates the problems in the professional life of the native.

● The 11th house also indicates the problems and the hurdles in professional life.

● 12th The house placement of Mars will determine the spending habits of the natives.

Kindly note that all of these above-mentioned issues of mangal dosha may arise or happen in the life of native pre and post-marital life. The marriage-related issues will take place once the marriage takes place.

Neutralization of Mangal Dosha Effect

In Vedic astrology, if there are specific doshas then there aresolutionss to overcome them. In the likewise manner there are remedies to overcome the impact of mangal dosha. These remedies are suggested by the proficient astrologers at the Astrosevatalk to perform in the specific method. After performing the suggested remedies the impact of mangal dosha can be overcome and even eliminated to the whole extent.

Here below are some of the general remedies to Neutralize the impact of mangal dosha.

● The marriage of mutual Mangal dosha bride and groom neutralizes the effect of Mangal dosh on its own without any additional remedy.

● If both the Mars and the Rahu are together in any house then the effect of mangal dosha gets neutralized

● Mars and Jupiter both in the 8th house also neutralize the impact of mangal dosha.

● Venus and the mars in the 12th house also neutralize the effect of mangal dosha.

● There are suitable gemstones for the specific placement of Mars to overcome the impact of mangal dosha.

● The magical pasta pooja is the other remedy that can help eliminate the effect of mangal dosha.

● Fasting on Tuesday and reciting the hanuman chalisa is also recommended to overcome the mangal dosha.

● Last but not least, worshipping lord Ganesha and chanting his mantra 108 times can also immensely help in overcoming the mangal dosha.

We further advise our readers to get special consultancy services from the astrologers at the Astrosevatalk to get more insight into the Mangal dosha. They will get into the depth of Mangal dosha in the Kundalf native and then will offer personalized and 100% working remedies to eliminate the Mangal dosha effects.

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