The astrological phenomena of Shani sade sati is one of the highly known across the Hindu mythology belief. It is also one of the most feared phenomena in the Vedic astrology among all believers. It is said and widely believed that one who undergoes the Shani sade sati has to face enormous challenges in every facet of life. At Astrosevatalk we are committed to both guiding and helping our visitors get free from all types of bad omens including the Shani Sade Sati.

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What is Shani Sade Sati?

Shani sade sati is an Astrological phenomenon or the event in which the Shani or the Saturn makes its 7-and-a-half-year transit in a particular zodiac sign. The Sade sati begins for a particular zodiac when Saturn enters the 12th sign from the moon sign of birth. Similarly, this dashdatas when Saturn leaves the 2nd sign from the moon sign of birth. Saturn is known to be the most ferocious, significant and slowest-moving planet. It can stay in one zodiac sign for over 2 and a half years which is more than the duration of any other planet. During its stay in the particular zodiac sign it affects all the aspects of a native's life in both the positive and the negative manners as per one's deeds.

Significance of Shani Sade Sati

Shani Sade Sati in the Hindu or Vedic astrology mythology is known as one of the most significant phenomena. This is simply because this data can affect the life of the native on all fronts. For the same reason, one is never supposed to take Shani sade sati for granted or in a casual manner. Shani or Saturn is known as the planet of Karma and it's the planet that affects the native by the karma or deeds of that person. Saturn is also known as the planet of justice for its specific characteristics as it believes in returning the deeds of natives. Shani Sade Sati can affect health, career, finances, marriage and even the very personal and loving relationship with the close family.

Influence/Impact of Shani Sade Sati

As we have discussed earlier Shani sade sati is immensely powerful to affect the nativess on all fronts of life. If the Shani sade sati is left untreated by the astrological remedies then it can change the whole existence of the native. The severity of Shani sade sati majorly depends upon the karma or deeds of the person. In some cases, Shani sade sati can even bring fruitful results if the native has good deeds in the deposit. There are three phases of Shani Sade Sati which comprise the whole duration of 7 and half years. Here below we are listing down all those 3 phases and how they affect the individual.

1. First Phase of Shani Sade Sati

This is the first phase of shani sade sati during which the phenomena gradually grows up with its effects. In this phase Sat, the urn trantransmitsthe 12th house from the moon to grow gradually towards its full maturity. This phase is also known as the predatory phase when the native will start feeling the subtle changes. The native will suddenly feel the personality changes as he gets detached from the close ones. The native will suddenly opt to live in an isolated environment from the usual environment. With this, the other changes in the personality of the person will also follow. We advise the self introspection to cope with this phase along with meditation and yoga

2. Second Phase of Shani Sade Sati

In the second phase of shani sade sati Saturn will transit in the natal moon sign. This is the actual period when the sade sati will get its full maturity along with all its effects or the impact on the life of natives. The native will start witnessing the sudden chaos on all fronts of life whether it's the career, finance, health, marriage the relationship with the family or spouse etc. During this time we advise the native to remain highly patient and not to take any big decision in some jiffy in the hands of circumstances around. The other thing that the native should do is to get in the acts of charity and the donations

3. Third Phase of Shani Sade Sati

The third and the last phase of Shani sade sati begins with the transit of Saturn in the 2nd house from the moon. This is the period when the impact of Shani sade sati will gradually start diminishing. By this period the natives would have learnt all the life lessons from this phenomena of Shani sade sati. The native is supposed to become full of wisdom after encountering all the various experiences in life. At the same time, Saturn will also bring opportunities for the natives to grow amidst them. It is the Golden period of this phase when the native can give a whole new direction to life.

Remedies for Shani Sade Sati

Just like any other inauspicious or challenging dosha in Vedic astrology the S,hani sade sati can also be overcome by some specific remedies. We highly advise our readers to take a look and understand the application of the suggested remedies to deal with the Shani sade sati challenges.

1. Worshipping Lord Shani (Saturn)

Since the Shani sade sati is concerned with the Shani or Saturn it is crucial to please the lord himself to overcome all the negative impacts. The worship can be done by lighting the lamp of sesame oil before the Shani yantra. One can also chant the Shani mantra or read the Shani Chalisa for the effective worship of Lord Saturn.

2. Performing the Charitable Acts

The Lord Saturn is highly pleased by the acts of kindness from the natives in various forms. For the same reason nat, iv nativesan donate money and other stuff to the needy in any possible capacity. The donation of food and clothing is highly ideal for the underprivileged or those who lack these bare minimum necessities of life.

3. Wearing Neelam/Blue Sapphire

The Neelam or the blue sapphire is the gemstone of Saturn and this gemstone is immensely powerful to get the blessings of lord Saturn. You can wear the blue sapphire after consulting the astrologer at Astrosevatalk. This gemstone will be highly handy in overcoming all the negative effects of Shani sade sati and turning them into positive ones.

4. Fasting

If it is feasible for you to regularly fast on Saturday during the whole Shani sade sati then you can certainly try it. Fasting is the form of dedication and devotion to the Lord Saturn to please him most effectively. Regular fasting on Saturday will not only help you overcome the effect of Shani sade sati but will also bless you with positive results.

All these are effective home remedies that anyone can do to overcome the severe effects of Shani sade sati. The phenomena of Shani sade sati is considered highly negative yet the purpose of this phenomenon is very positive. It is the testing phase of our life which comes to check our core character towards the unimaginable hardships of life. The lessons and the wisdom learnt in the Shani sade sati help the natives find the truth of life and use the path for themselves.

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